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3:01pm 11-04-2020

Lovely page! i love how welcoming it feels... the kissing booth was so cute!
5:55am 09-21-2020

your website is super adorable!! it looks very sweet and personal and i love it! i added your button to my page, i hope you have a nice day☆ ~('▽^人)
3:50pm 07-22-2020


This is such a cute, fun website!! ;3;

Also, I'm also soooo happy someone else remembers that Peter Pan, I remember when he was still looking for his Wendy/Tink... he was way ahead of the crowd. I wanna preserve a childlike outlook on life too~
9:44pm 06-08-2020

Oops, I'm back. I should have thought to post in your book ~after~ I made this, sorry about the spam

10:49pm 06-07-2020

AHHH!! I LOVE YOUR SITE, OMG. Thank you for signing my guestbook, because it lead me to yours!! Also, thanks for your words, it rly motivates me I love the sticker page, totally snagging that California raisin one. Alsooo, I think I need to make an ACNH page for myself. But yeah.. Love it all. T. Rex!! The Beatles!! Not wearing bras!! You seem really rad, and I'm glad you made a website uhh, that was a wildly rambling message but at least it was honest?
9:04pm 06-06-2020
Suuuch a pretty website, keep pu the good work <3
5:57pm 06-01-2020

Hello webring neighbor!
I've been looking at your site changing for a while and I'm glad to see you finally opened it up. It looks amazing, good job! I went to the kissing booth and I was not left dissapointed.Cya webring neighbor
9:43pm 05-31-2020
Lizzy Tex
Great fun website.... Other folks interests are always fun to discover. The Beatles do indeed ROCK. Bookmarked.